Taxi Transfers, Private Vans, Shuttle Express offers non-stop, private transportation to and from Santorini Airport, Port, Hotels. Our service is currently available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to and from all Santorini locations.

Santorini Private Transfers (Taxi)

Private Transfers (Taxi Van, Minibus, Coach) to/from Santorini Airport

Our private Santorini airport transfer services are ideal if you don’t want to share a car or minibus with anyone else or those who don’t want to wait around. Our private airport transfer will provide you with the comfort of knowing that after you arrive at Santorini Airport, our chauffeur will be waiting to pick you up and take you and your luggage to your destination, without any hassle.

Santorini Private Car Transfers

Private car transfers from/to Santorini Airport 

If you need some privacy during your transfer to the airport, from the airport to your hotel or to a private destination, please ask for a private car or taxi.

Santorini Shared Ride Van Services - Santorini Airport Shuttle Eapress

You will be received by an exclusive service, which will bring you directly to your destination.

Due to the possibility to book this service for up to 3 people of the same group, this is the quickest and most comfortable transport option for a small group.

You can both book a one-way trip or a return trip (From Santorini airport or port to your destination and back, or from your Santorini Hotel to airport or port).